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Join hundreds of SMEs utilising our multicurrency business account for international trade and beyond

We value trust and communication – our monthly fee is a flat payment. No ploys or hidden payment filters. You pay monthly, we provide daily. Simple, right?
from £99.99/month
from £1000/year
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Local GBP incoming (Faster Payments, BACS) £0.35

Local GBP outgoing (Faster Payments ) £0.45

Local EUR SEPA incoming €0.35

Real time EUR incoming (SEPA Instant up to 100,000 EUR) £0.35

Local EUR SEPA outgoing*** €0.45

Real time EUR outgoing (SEPA Instant up to 100,000 EUR) £0.45

International EUR or GBP incoming (SWIFT) €35 or £35

International EUR or GBP outgoing (SWIFT)*** €45 or £45

Foreign exchange (FX) at the interbank rate EUR and GBP**** 0.4%

International outgoing payments in USD and up to 35 other currencies (Convert and Pay) 0.6%

* The 3 day account opening time is counted after all the required documents are submitted. We reserve the right to charge a fee of GBP 50 per hour if a payment or account opening requires enhanced due diligence or if any customer requests involve our additional operating activities.

** EUR balance will be charged 0.7% annually for holding your funds.

*** Outgoing SWIFT payments over 25,000 GBP or EUR will be charged an additional 0.01%

**** Foreign exchange (FX) at the inter-bank rate. Contact your account manager.

We reserve the right to charge 0.4% if an outgoing payment is in the same currency as an incoming payment.

The bulk payments: up to 100 payments 25 EUR or GBP, above 100 payments 50 EUR or GBP

Official confirmation letter £50

Reference letter £50

Hard copy postage of any document £20

SWIFT investigation/placing a trace caused by customer’s errors £25